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Pindaya Golden Cave Pagoda festival
Shan State is the largest area in Myanmar, in which many tribal ethnic dwelt; such as; Shan, PaO, Palaung, Taung Yoe, Intha, Danu. Most of tribal are Buddhist, and they are humbly respect the Buddhism. So, they never work on full moon day and noon moon day during Buddhist lent.

The full moon of Tabaung Month (March) is the greatest time and joyful month for the natives and visitors. Harvest has been done and crops are sold already to Purchasing Centre. Noviciation Ceremony in individual or in common, and Pagoda festivals are held in this month. This is the month, Pindaya Golden Cave Pagoda Festival is held, and people of whole Myanmar participated the Festival every year. On both side of the road, shops are lined up which sell from needle to kitchen utilities. Come and buy anything one want.

Tribal in their respective costumes, women are carrying the donatories on their head to offer to Buddhist monks on a morning of certain day. People in a big change waiting the arrival of Buddhist monks are to be seen from the distance. It is a joyous scene, people coming in a group with car, or some are coming in huge line of Native bullock-cart. The tribal circle the ox-cards, and in the middle people cook, and sleep during festival.

It is one and only single time to explore the mind and matter of the tribal in and around Shan State, so do not late and forget to join in that great activity in Pindaya.